Starters and snack-a-delics

chili-garlic snails w/ bread 7,80 €
(LL, G)  
warm nachos 6,80 €
guacamole, cheddar cheese, salsa (LL,G)  
snails with blue cheese w/house's bread 7,80 €
(LL, also G)  
w/house' bread 5,80 €
crayfish `n salmon toast 10,80 €
freswater crayfish tails, cold smoked salmon, chilli mayo, salad, warm veggies  

Group fun

dip 'em into chilli mayo and salsa 3,80 € /pc
* sweet potato chips (L) 
* fried squid rings (L) 
* chicken skewer (L) 
* onion rings (L) 
* veggie sticks (L,G) 
* chubby fries (L) 
* nachos (L,G) 
* potato wedges royal (L) 
* fried mozzarella sticks! 
*parsnip chips (L)
the more the merrier. 13,80 €
* parsnip chips,onion rings, chicken skewer, chubby fries, veggie sticks, nachos and salsa, chili and garlic mayos  

Pasta. yummy

the check is in the mail 9,90 €
* parsley, garlic, chili, crayfish tails (L)  
crayfish pasta 9,60 €
herbs and tomato sauce, crayfish tails (L)  
pasta with tomato and goat cheese 11,80 €
creamy goat cheese sauce with sundried tomatoes  
the barely-off-welfare pasta 5,90 €
parsley, garlic, chilli (L)  
pasta with chicken 12,50 €
creamy chicken and curry sauce  
Weightwatcher's nightmare 12,80 €
*creamy bacon, salami and garlic sauce, penne pasta  

Warm toasts


goat's cheese salad 11,90 € 
* grilled slice of goat cheese, pear, melon, nut mix a´la kerttu, rasberry vinaigrette dressing 
* L, available G
chicken salad 11,90 €
* fried chicken fillet, melon, warm weggies, nut mix a´la kerttu, oil vinaigrette dressing 
(L, also G)
greek cheese salad with feta and halloumi 11,90 €
* fried halloumi, feta, kalamata olives, warm weggies, honey and balsamico dressing 
(L, avail. G)
salmon salad 11,90 €
* cold smoked salmon 
(L, also G) 

Satisfy that appetite.

The jallupulla 11,70 €
veggie- or meatballs, mashed potatoes, cream and brandy sauce 
fried baltic herring 10,40 €
mashed potatoes, dill butter (LL)  
hot chili burger 11,90 €
* beef patty 100g, cheddar cheese, chili, pineapple, garlic mayo, chubby fries  
shellfish burger 11,90 €
* freshwater creyfish and shrimp patty, cheddar cheese, cucumber mayo, potato wedges royal, squit rings  
kids' burger 5,90 €
45g beef patty, cheddar cheese, chubby fries, ketchup   
burger regular 10,90 €
* 100g beef patty, chubby fries, cheddar cheese, cucumber mayo 
* availabe with a veggie patty
the burger in the rye 11,90 €
* 100g beef patty, chubby fries, cheddar cheese, chili mayo  
the mighty kerttu 15,90 €
300g burger patty, chili bread, cheddar cheese, chubby fries, onion rings, garlic mayo 
Deluxe burger 14,80 €
* two 100g beef patties, bacon, cheddar cheese, chili mayo, chubby fries  
Über deluxe burger 19,80 €
* four 100g beef patties, bacon, cheddar cheese, chili mayo, chubby fries  
pulled pork burger
*pork neck, chili bread, bacon, coleslaw, chubby fries, chilpod, garlic mayo 

available in three sizes. XL is 1kg burger!!!
S 10,90 €
M 14,80 €
XL 22,90 €
the kerttu giant minute steak 16,80 €
180g pork minute steak, cucumber mayo, warm veggies, potato wedges royal (L)  
vegan burger 11,80 €
* house made vegan patty (yum!!!), salad, tomato, onion, salsa, nachos  
blue cheese chicken 16,80 €
warm veggies, blue cheese sauce, potato wedge royal  
For kids: meatballs and mashed potato 5,50 €
cream souce (LL)  
horse burger 12,90 €
Tuhti 200g hevosenpihvi itse jauhamastamme hevosenkulmapaistista, pulleat ranskalaiset, piparjuurimajoneesi, Nam!!!  


brownies 6,20 €
a moist chocolate pastry, ice cream  
Cheesecake 6,40 €
creamy cheesecake with sauce  
scoop of sherbert 3,90 €
raspberry or orange (L,G)  
the kerttu ice cream combo 6,50 €
vanilla and chocolate ice cream, raspberry sherbet, whipped cream  

Coffee and warmers

douple espresso 2,80 €
latte      2,80 €
cappuccino  2,50 €
espresso 2,00 €