Starters and snack-a-delics

garlic snails w/ bread 7,80 €
(LL, G)  
hot nacho plate 7,80 €
guacamole, cheddar sauce, salsa, fresh tomatoes and jalapenos (LL,G)  

Group fun

dip 'em into chilli mayo and salsa 4,20 € /pc
* sweet potato chips (L)
* chicken skewer (L) 
* onion rings (L) 
* veggie sticks (L,G) 
* chubby fries (L) 
* nachos (L,G) 
* potato wedges royal (L) 
* fried mozzarella sticks!
sharing is carin 14,20 €
* onion rings, chicken skewer, chubby fries, veggie sticks, nachos and salsa, chili and garlic mayos  

Classics from Kerttu's kitchen

Jaloviina meatballs 13,80 €
veggie- or meatballs, mashed potatoes, cream and brandy sauce 
kerttu's smoky salmon 18,00 €
potatoe wedges, salad and aioli (L, G)  
payday 11,90 €
* parsley, garlic, chili, crayfish tails (L)  
waiting for the study grant 7,90 €
parsley, garlic, chilli (L)  
creamy meatball pasta 12,90 €
meat or veggie balls, creamy tomato sauce and parmesan cheese  


caesar salad 10,90 €
* natural
* L, available G
caesar salad 14,80 €
* with chicken, crayfish or smoked salmon
* L, available G
goat's cheese salad 12,80 € 
* grilled slice of goat cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, pear, melon, grapes, nut mix a´la kerttu, rasberry vinaigrette dressing 
* L, available G
chicken salad 14,80 €
* fried chicken fillet, tomatoes, cucumber, melon, pear, grapes, nut mix a´la kerttu, oil vinaigrette dressing 
(L, also G)
sesame beef salad 14,80 €
* magically marinated pulled beef, tomatoes, cucumber, melon, pear, grapes, nut mix a'la kerttu and vinegar
(L, avail. G)
falafel salad 12,80 €
* kerttu's falafels and vegan aioli, tomatoes, cucumber, melon, pear, grapes, nut mix a'la kerttu
(L, also G) 


salmon & avocado burger 14,80 €
* caesar salad, smoked salmon, avokado and chubby fries  
b-day burger 12,80 €
* 100g hamburger steak, cheddar cheese, rocket, marinated redonions, sriracha mayo and chubby fries  
Deluxe burger 14,80 €
* two 100g beef patties, bacon, cheddar cheese, chili mayo, chubby fries  
pesto burger 14,90 €
* 200g burger steak, foccaccia, pesto, garlic mayo, marinated redonions and chubby fries  
bacon & cheese burger 11,90 €
* 100g burger steak, bacon, cheddar, aioli and chubby fries  
sesame beef burger 13,80 €
* magically marinated pulled beef, coriander, aioli and chubby fries  
chicken burger 14,80 €
* chicken fillet, foccaccia, cheddar, sriracha mayo, chubby fries  
vegan burger 12,80 €
* home made falafel steak, vegan aioli and sweet potatoe fries  

For kids

meatballs and mashed potato 6,20 €
cream souce (LL)  
kids' burger 6,20 €
45g beef patty, cheddar cheese, chubby fries, ketchup   
kid's salmon 6,60 €
* smoked salmon, mashed potatoes and melon (ll, g)  


brownies 6,20 €
a moist chocolate pastry, ice cream  
dessert of the day 6,40 €
ask our staff  
sorbet 3,90 €
ice cream 3,50 €
with your favourite sauce